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Rongali Bihu Celebration…..Shillong 2010.

May 16, 2010
Hi friends –something at professional front is keeping me occupied because of which i am not as much regular visiting you all .I will be back to blogger by the end of this month .Here are few more pictures from Shillong Bihu celebration,which i would like to share with you .Bihu is one of the biggest festival of this part of India. This celebration reflects the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful region as the people from all the communities /tribes participate with equal enthusiasm .The spirit of Bihu binds all of them together irrespective of their caste,creed and religious beliefs.
The picture above is of famous Wangala Dance of Garos .Meghalaya, which means land of clouds, is mainly an agricultural and farming land. The inhabitants here therefore generally worship the Lord of farming and agriculture. The Wangala Festival which is also known as Hundred Drums festival is therefore a grand Carnival to celebrate the harvest season.It is a “Thanksgiving” ceremony to Misi Saljong, also known as Pattigipa Ra’rongipa (The Great Giver) for having blessed the human beings with rich harvest of the season.This dance was presented by the dancers of Meghalaya art n cultural group.If you are interested you can read more about this dance here .

Here in this picture the artist is playing Assamese Traditional musical instrument known as PEPA –it is an integral part of the folk music of Assam.It is usually with a very short stem made from small diameter bamboo/cane/reed with the end away from the mouth capped with the horn of a buffalo.
I clicked the above picture back stage where these beautiful dancers were waiting for their turn….i loved the way they smiled at the camera.

The same group later performed Bihu dance…it was an enthralling performance.Bihu’ performed by young men and women reflect youthful passions and joys during the spring season, accompanied by songs woven around the theme of love and physical yearning. The whole atmosphere comes alive with the rhythm of drums and flutes.

Here is Snow Lion-Dance being performed by the Tibetan community of Shillong.In Tibet the Snow-Lion symbolized the fearless and elegant quality of the enlightened mind.When a healthy and harmonious environment is established by the creative activities of human being such as through the performance of sacred purify and healing music,all living beings are represented by the snow lion..

This group presented Bagrumba-Dance.Bagrumba is one of the main dance forms of Bodos, the largest tribal community of Assam.The attire you see them wearing is completely hand woven.Holding the ends of colourful scarves hung round their necks, the dancers move forward and backward with alternate footsteps to the accompaniment of Kham (drum) and Sifung (flute). The special features of the dance like harmoniums jerks of the waist, graceful, forward and backward swinging of the body and wrist that makes it more fascinating.

Here comes another beautiful dance form of Assam…Jhumur -Dance. Assam is very famous for its tea gardens. The people residing in an working in the tea gardens of Assam are called “kulis”. The tea tribes have a synthesized form of dance called “Jhumur Nach”, performed by girls and boys together, or, sometimes by the girls alone, with precision of footwork while clasping tightly each other’s waist .The dance is performed to the rhythmic accompaniment of the Madal(dhol). The costume worn by the Jhumur dancers is different from the traditional costume worn for the Bihu dance.
This is Goalporia-Dance.Songs and dances are an integral part of the lives of the people in Goalpara district.The song on which these dancers performed is one of the most popular Goalporia song ‘Kamola sundori nache’.
Buwari-Bihu (buwari means a daughter-in-law)….this bihu dance is performed mainly by the married ladies.
The members of the ladies club presented this beautiful chorus .As you can see all of them are wearing traditional Mekhela Chador.

Hope you liked the post,i will be back to you all in a week or two.Thanks for your constant support and encouragement.

information on few dances …courtesy Culture of Assam(official website ).

  1. Thanks for those colorful pictures 🙂

  2. I noticed some things which are in common in all types of dances…all the girls are slim! The colour of the dresses are mainly red, cream and white! And BIG teeka on the forehead! I have seen some of the dances in doordarshan, which is very rare.We have got so many types of dances here, in our own backyard, but we copy the dirty movements of other countries, I feel, Kavita. Thanks for the information and photos.

  3. I would have loved to have seen this concerts. Traditional or folk dance is one of my favorites. Their enthusiasm and love of country shows on their faces.

  4. Wonderful pcs,very colourful celebrations.Loved those dancers smmile and their costume

  5. that was a beautiful post with lovely images!!!!

  6. These are beautiful pictures.

  7. What beautiful dances, delightful dancers, and wonderful traditions. I love seeing your pictures, and reading your descriptions. I especially love your words 'songs woven around the theme of love and physical yearning' – you paint with words as well as pictures!

  8. PS – I have missed you! I hope all is well for you in your life!

  9. wonderful wonderful post…and the images..I always love your description..its so very vivid..hope to see you around soon..but one thing is so nice that you do read blogs whenever you get time..i m lucky to have you as a friend 🙂

  10. India is famous for its brilliant and vivid colors. I enjoyed seeing all the costumes, Kavita. Someday, when the political situation is stable in the region, I will visit India — and definitely will buy a sari.

  11. what a beautiful post and jealous of u journalist..

  12. great post kavita.

  13. lovey post ,its really beautiful and colourful

  14. They r all so graceful .. luved the pics :)And hope ur work gets easy soon and we c a full-fledged return here 🙂

  15. well well well.. what do i say to this now .. NEXT time you go for such function you have to invite me .. even if you dont want to .. I am imploring you.. you have to 🙂 ha ha ha and also as sandhya mentioned in her comment.. we got such beautiful dances , acts and all YET we run after MTV.. God know when we will realise .. look at our rich heritage .. WOWOWOWOW

  16. Lovely wonderful pics galore…If u have an Indian address, here are more than jus a few chances to win , a few goddies, ur sure to love or send to ur loved ones, lods of chances to enter ur name, for every chance , add a separate entry ie comment…all the best:-))

  17. Yet another enlightening and interesting post! You are bringing North-East India so very close to us and that too so very beautifully and picturesquely. Thanks for sharing!Cheers 🙂

  18. Lovely!Loved the costumes. And all the dancers looked so pretty. I love the way women shake their shoulders, keeping the hands on their back while dancing the bihu. Very graceful.

  19. What colourful performances…loved the snow lion…everything looks so beautiful. Keep posting more and be back soon…:)

  20. Another well written post supported by perfect shots. Hats off to your consistency of classy posts.

  21. Yet again very informative, colourful and interesting post!An award is waiting for you at my blog! Congratulations!

  22. Wonderful shots of traditional celebration. I love those outfits.

  23. Amazing post. It was almost as if I saw the performance myself.

  24. It's so great that you are sharing your culture with all of us, Kavita. The outfits are beautiful and so very interesting. You're making me want to go to India.

  25. this is really nice ma'am! beautiful pics and a wonderful post ,as always.

  26. jhumar dance wali tasveer bahut achchi hai, post to hamesha hi prerak hua karti hain.

  27. gr8 pics and images..shillong is on my list now ;-)thanks ……

  28. Excellent photographs and very informative narration.

  29. These are great pictures , liked the dancers, looks like a wonderful celebration.

  30. Hey lady, it’s been a while. I hope everything is okay with you and that you had an awesome week! I'm just dropping in to say hi and see what's new since I've been away. I hope you have a terrific “rest-of-the-week”!!

  31. beautiful pictures and colors!

  32. thank you!Aloha from WaikikiComfort Spiral

  33. Wonderful post. Beautiful pictures. Delightful dancers. Thanks for making us happy.

  34. I enjoyed each picture, very colorful customs. Thank you for sharing these dances.


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